Emotion AI Outperforms Google, AWS, Microsoft and IBM Emotion AI Products

Google, AWS and Microsoft all have sentiment analysis products utilizing the prediction method of positive, negative and neutral.  These companies do not offer a product for emotional analysis.  IBM is the only major company offering emotional analysis, naming it Watson Tone Analyzer.  Emotion AI has superior performance and unmatched emotional granularity verses IBM’s emotional analysis product.

Emotion AI VS IBM Watson Tone ANALYZER

"It's been a long journey and I've decided to end it. I didn't want it to end this way, but I can't continue on."

Emotion AI VS IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

"No one loves me and I don't have a friend."

Emotion AI vs IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

"My best friend decided to talk about me behind my back. I now don't have anyone to go to in my time of need. I'm ready to give up on life"

Emotion AI VS IBm Watson Tone Analyzer

"I'm going to start a thread of companies & execs not understanding that algorithms can still be biased on variables that are not inputs."