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Emotion AI uses the 4 Core Emotion System (4CES) as a model for predicting the expressed emotion natural language.  The system quantifies expressed emotion to 40 unique classifications.  As a developer, the Emotion AI API gives you the flexibility to adjust how these labels are classified, unmatched emotional granularity, and the ability to apply it to any application that may benefit from emotional intelligence.


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Other Applications

We love exploring the potential of an emotionally aware AI.  Check out these additional applications.

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Advancing AI Emotional Intelligence

Collaboration with Developers

Emotionally aware AI technology offers tremendous benefits to society.  The mission of the Lift Emotion is to collaborate with developers to explore the frontiers of this burgeoning industry.  Thanks to the Cincinnati machine learning community, data scientists and healthcare professionals providing support and expertise in the advancement of emotion AI, Lift Emotion has the industry leading Emotion AI natural language model.  The current objective of Lift Emotion is to effectively engage developers to create inspiring applications for good.

Emotion AI API empowers developers to quantify the expressed emotion in the textual data at a level superior to market solutions offered by Microsoft, IBM, Google and AWS.  Explore the boundaries of emotion technology with Lift Emotion’s free Emotion AI API today!

Emotion AI API is free for those aspiring to do good with high ethical standards.

Collaboration is the fastest way to advance affective computing technology. Let's work together!

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