The Sentiment Analysis Symposium is taking place in New York City this week. Seth Grimes is the conference chair and is a true pioneer, along with many incredible speakers and companies. The conference will  explore how best to interpret our emotional world in a way that benefits machine and human emotional intelligence. The AI industry currently struggles with how to capture global emotional digital communication in seamless unintrusive meaningful manner. Conferences like the Sentiment Analysis Symposium offer the soft touch with a mutually beneficial strategy to extract this data in a way that lifts humanity’s emotions.

A portion of the conference will focus on emotional intensity instead of the emotion itself. Numerically ranking the intensity of 1 of 4 core emotions on a scale of 1 to 10 has tremendous global appeal, but can it be as enjoyable as playing your favorite card game?

Cultures around the world link joyful, fearful, sad, or angry as a general state of being. This global phenomenon supports the alignment of all emotions under these 4 core expressions and is supported by global digital communication.

Capturing emotional data numerically allows qualitative emotional intensity data to  be quantified and applied in several cutting edge markets, including emotionally intelligent robots.

“I downloaded the new software update.”


“I downloaded the new software update.”

As demenstrated, it not only acts as a compass to guide a reader towards the true intent of the written word, but adds a level of emotional awareness that is quantifiable to both parties, in addition to artificial intelligence.

Conferences like the Sentiment Analysis Symposium offer the tools to capture emotionally relevant information on products, services or ideas.  Flying was believed to be impossible by many in the late 19th century, but the Wight Brothers persevered to lift our physical mind and bodies.  This century’s greatest accomplishment will be lifting our emotions into the cloud.  

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Sentiment Analysis Symposium Lifts Our Bad Hair Day
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