• Children Easily Identify Card Suits Based on Unique Color and Illustrated Emoticon
  • Enables You to Teach any Card Game You Using an Engaging and Entertaining Twist
  • Allows a Family to Teach their Favorite Card Games to a Very Young Audience (3 Years Old)
  • Opens Discussions about Feelings & Emotions in a Fun Atmosphere.
  • Liberates the Mind to Identify and Categorize Emotion
  • Increases Emotional Intelligence and Social Skills
  • Encourages the Ability to Recognize an Emotion as it happens
  • Emotional Intelligence Promotes a Child’s Self-Confidence, Self-Worth, Capabilities and Self-Control
  • Develops Incredible Interpersonal Skills by Focusing Players on Game Play Centered Around Emotion
  • Empowers a Child to Develop Empathy through Recognizing How People Feel
  • The Core Emotion of Each Suit is the Foundation of Emotional Intelligence
  • Expands the Ability to Comprehend and Follow Rules
  • Develops Hand & Eye Coordination
  • Teaches Memory & Math Skills
  • Enhances Ability to Recognize Emotions and Effects on Physical Appearance
  • Develops the Ability to Think More Positively
  • Promotes Collaboration and Cooperation through Game Play
  • Brings Friends & Family Together for Endless Laughs with Emoticons!


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Reasons Why Playing Cards with Your Emotions is Great for Children
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