Have you ever thought about the emotional connection people develop with their phone? The new iPhone X adds a futuristic element with the introduction of Face ID. It quantifies your facial expressions with 30,000 points. It’s marketed as a simple way to unlock emotion, but is it one giant leap towards unlocking emotional intelligence for AI? Apple’s reluctance to mention the full benefits to man and machine is wise at the launch party, but we are going to the after party with some deep learning thoughts. Let’s look down the road at how this technology can be transformative for AI and humanity.

Engaging Your Emotional Compass

It allows manipulation of facial expressions to explore the world of emotions via an Avatar. This new technology basically lets us objectify emotion.  Recognizing the emotions you are experiencing and understanding the related facial expression to the emotion via technology is a very empowering concept. It would be easy to establish a feedback back loop with AI regarding the expression and corresponding emotion.  

Learning Expression in Communications

Emojis have unlocked the ability to communicate  true intention of the written word via text or email. This undoubtedly helps eliminate misinterpretation of our emotions on a global level. Imagine how Face ID data may be used by AI to communicate with us in a way that lifts our emotions. You are able to communicate the true intent of your written word to your intended audience using your own animojis.  Also, you educate AI on the natural human expressions tied to your communication via the Apple Face ID.

Mixing Voice, Expression & Emotion

Imagine a world where you come home from work and your connected AI home knows your core emotional state is sadness after quantifying verbal and visual data.  Your preprogrammed sentiment analysis software activates your desired package to lift your emotions.  This is a cocktail of cheeky political jokes, Bob Marley and discussions with AI about strategies to improve your knowledge on the subject weighing on your emotions.

In Conclusion

Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have discussed the dangers of AI’s deep learning, but what if AI’s noble purpose of lifting our emotions is somehow embedded deep with the big data?  Apple’s Face ID is sentiment analysis on steroids for the masses.  Google, Amazon, and Microsoft each are doing wonderful advancements in EmotionAI.  Emotional Intelligence may soon be a text, call or Alexa away.

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iPhone X is teaching AI emotion
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