Core Emotion Playing Cards

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We transformed the most popular entertainment platform in history with an emotionally modern twist. We’ve replaced the Western European Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond with the 4 core human emotions uniquely identifiable in our expressions. The emotion suits are Joy, Fear, Sadness and Anger. This transforms a standard deck of cards into a powerful emotional intelligence tool. Uniquely, Core Emotion Playing Cards allow you to filter hundreds of emotions to 4 core facial expressions universally recognized, regardless of culture or language.

Our focus was to create a deck of playing cards that would simultaneously lift the emotions of the youngest and oldest generations. The unique suit colors and entertaining emojis empowers a young child to quickly learn any card game long before a standard deck of cards.  The standard deck design enables the older generations to actively teach a lifetime of delightful card games while conveying emotional wisdom to a younger generation in a fun atmosphere.

Core Emotion Playing Cards transverse all ages, languages and cultures. This permits a tremendous global opportunity communicate the benefits of emotional intelligence to your family, friends and or fellow human being. Travel the our world of emotions with anyone in the world!