The  4 Core Emotion System (4CES) opens the door to tremendous opportunities, including the development of an emotional compass for empowering emotional intelligence.

The Emotion Compass maps all emotion to 4 core expressions by applying the principles of the 4CES. The Emoji Compass may be illustrated with any written language and/or emojis maintaining emotional value. This allows an emoji only illustrated compass filtering to the 4 uniquely identifiable facial expressions that may be used by all 4 corners of the globe. The below illustration is an English example limited to 120 emotions.

The Emotion Compass guides humanity through the emotional world by illustrating the related states of different emotions. This empowers an individual to follow an emotional direction that starts or ends at 1 of 4 uniquely identifiable core facial expressions globally accepted as general states of being.

This first step in emotional awareness helps an individual find his or her current location in an emotional world. The next steps are to evaluate solutions and take action to lift emotion.