What if 4 core evaluations of a solution are all that is necessary to guide AI through the emotional decision making process. Sentiment analysis shows rating a solution’s REPS (Reliability, Ease, Price, Safety) is key to unlocking emotional intelligence. These 4 core emotional appraisals may be applied to any decision. Below, we define each core evaluation and demonstrate how a product, service or idea may be quantified.  The REPS Lift System uses a 1 to 10 scale.


The quality of the solution to be trustworthy or performing consistently well.

Product – You rate Apple Products a 9 on the perceived longevity.

Service – You rate Amazon 10 for the benefits that other retailers can’t match.

Idea – You found Limiting Dairy and Carbs as a reliable way to lose weight and rate it an 8.


The solution’s level of  difficulty or effort

Product –  You rate Cordless Headphones for cleaning the house a 7  since it eliminates a dangling cord.

Service – You rate a Valet Parking Service a 6 since it helps avoid looking for a downtown parking spot.

Idea – You grab Duct Tape from the garage to fix a broken toy and rate the solution a 10 for ease.


The amount of money required or the social cost of the solution.

Product – You choose to avoid Apple Products because of the price point and rate it a 3.

Service – You hire a Carpet Cleaning Service only after receiving a coupon and rate the price 7.

Idea – You reported a Bullying to your child’s school administration. You are concerned your child will be ostracized by his/her peers if they found out you reported it. You rate the social price of the solution a 3.


The solution protects from or unlikely to cause danger, risk or injury.

Product – You buy a Security System after a home invasion and rate the safety a 10.

Service – You have an Irregular Mole removed from your shoulder. You rate the safety a 10.

Idea – You Run in Daylight Hours with Mace because of a recent abduction in the neighborhood.  You rate the safety a 6.

As demonstrated, AI will understand a great deal about our emotions by analyzing how we choose the best product, service or idea to overcome an obstacle. Sentiment analysis filtering 4 core evaluations to advance emotion AI is a journey worth exploring.  Done correctly, AI’s emotional appraisal of a solution will mirror our own solutions in a way that lifts emotion for man and machine.  It’s time to do the REPS!

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4 Core Evaluations of an AI’s Solution
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