Quantifying the Emotional World

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4 Core Emotion System (4CES)

The 4 Core Emotion System (4CES) filters all types of emotional expression to our 4 uniquely identifiable core emotions, which are also globally accepted as general states of being. These 4 core emotions are Joy, Fear, Sadness, and Anger. The system is designed to quantify our qualitative emotional expressions to advance emotional intelligence with ease and intuitiveness using strategic software applications. Quantifiable expressions of emotion include facial, vocal, body, physiological, artistic, and social communication.

Emotion Compass

Navigate the World of Emotion

The Emotion Compass navigates our exploration of the emotional world using the principles of the 4CES. True North is the cardinal point of Joy. South is the cardinal point of Sadness. East is the cardinal point of Fear. West is the cardinal point of Anger. All expressions of emotion may be found at varying degrees on the compass. It may be illustrated with any written language and/or art maintaining emotional value. The compass is one of humanity’s greatest scientific inventions and is the universal tool of navigation. This makes it a perfect solution to guide humanity in the world of emotions using 4CES and serves as a catalyst for quantifying our expressions of emotion.

Responsive Emotional Processing System

The Responsive Emotional Processing System (REPS)  utilizes emotion as a tool to help choose the best product, service or idea to lift emotions by applying the principles of the 4CES. Its purpose is to help an individual understand the virtues of focusing on solutions and actions to lift emotions when weighing you down. The system may seamlessly be used in conjunction with 4 Core Emotion Playing Cards and the Emotion Compass to further foster emotional intelligence along with a growth mindset.

Core Emotion Playing Cards

A Delivery System for an Emotional Workout

LIFT EMOTION transforms the most popular entertainment platform in history with an emotionally modern twist suited for Emotion AI. Core Emotion Playing Cards replace the Western European Heart, Spade, Club, and Diamond with the 4 core emotions of 4CES. The suits are Joy, Fear, Sadness, and Anger. The numerical values of a standard deck of playing cards suited with emotion empowers the filtering of hundreds of emotions by quantifying the intensity of the corresponding core emotion, regardless of culture or language.

This transforms a standard deck of cards into a powerful emotional intelligence tool and opens the door to endless opportunities in multiple industries searching for new ways to capture emotional data in an entertaining unintrusive meaningful manner. This proprietary design of a standard deck of playing cards has endless applications to lift emotional intelligence.